Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not So Sweet Sound of Music

Doe, a deer a female deer

Ray, the medic on the call

Me, the name I call myself

FA, the start of what was said….

SO, what will my penance be?

LA, it was the newest in the fleet!

TI, it’s technically not my fault!

That will bring me back to

DOUGH we’ll spend to fix this thing!

With my apologies to Julie Andrews.

So the calls were diff breathing, round trip, unknown medical, CVA, diabetic emergency, chest pain...DEER!!!
Somehow the normal bitching about trip sheet paperwork pales in comparison to the detail required for an accident investigation. Ah well, who needs sleep? The good news is that no one was hurt, we were recalled from the scene, and as the officer I was only too happy to call the chief at "zero dark thirty" and update him on the above pictured results with his brand new less than 2500 miles on it ambulance.

Resuscitation was not attempted on the animal.

To be honest I didn't like where the fog lights were mounted anyway.

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