Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When It Works It Pays More Than Dividends

Take a look at an excerpt of an E-mail I received from The Secret List
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 A Cleveland (Ohio) FF had a very close call but his life was saved by his own actions, and those of his crew members. CFD's 44-year-old FF Kevin Brady works in one of the busiest house in the city.
"It was just a pain I never felt before. I just knew there was something not right about it," he said.
Brady was having a heart attack. And it turns out, he was experiencing the leading cause of death among firefighters nationwide. When FF Brady finished operating at a working fire on March 10, he noticed chest pain as he took off his mask. He alerted one of his fellow firefighters who immediately took him into the ambulance and got an EKG on him. The EKG was transferred directly via the internet to the E.D. at the Cleveland Clinic. The cardiology fellow checked the readout on his Blackberry and mobilized the catheter lab.
Within minutes, Brady was in the cath lab having a stent put in to clear the blockage to his heart. Brady was out of danger by the time his wife Cathy, who is mother of their four young children, got to the hospital. Because Brady was treated very quickly, his has little to no damage to his heart and his doctors have given him clearance to return to work April 12 with no restrictions. Good News.
Wow!  How does your service stack up to this nearly miraculous turn of events?  If I can't provide this level of service, why not?  EKG, Internet, Cell phone.  We have those things.  We do not have to reinvent the wheel to take advantage of these opportunities.

How about taking a look at  Maybe not such a bad idea either.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Patience Not Patients

It occurs to me that my patience is inversely proportional to the opportunities that I need to use it.