Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Let's take some time to review the past year.  No extravagance just see what we've accomplished:
Ah...  OK, not too much.
What about goals?

  • Figure out what we're doing and take some classes to remember it.  Incompetence make all of us look bad.
  • Not everyone deserves respect, but give it to them anyway.  Because if  you don't you disrespect all the rest of us trying to do a good job.
  • Hold the Holier Than Thou for church.  We don't know what other health care providers are up against every day so don't dis them either.
  • Driving to a call like you are at a NASCAR event?  Stop and think of the consequences, and hope you don't kill me.  So help me God, I'll come back and haunt you with back to back to back nursing home calls on every one of your shifts.
  • Act like a professional and you will be treated like one.  And so will the rest of us.
I appreciate the tenor set by Rescuing Providence, Ambulance Driver, and Happy Medic.  What can you add?

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